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Intellectual Property

Paul Oldham and Stephen Hall

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Jodie Chappell


This area of work is mainly interested in debates on intellectual property for biodiversity and the biosciences. Work in this area has focused on four issues:

  • Pioneering evidence based approaches to the analysis of the presence of biodiversity and traditional knowledge within the global patent system as part of debates on access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing under the Biodiversity Convention;
  • Developing methods and tools, such as the , to make patent information about biodiversity and traditional knowledge more widely available to inform debates;
  • Enabling the EPO World Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT) as an online tool for patent statistics and indicators about biodiversity and traditional knowledge;
  • Pushing the methodological boundaries for mapping emerging areas of science and technology, and our own sanity in the process, by mapping individual authors of articles on synthetic biology into the patent system.

As more and more patent data becomes available online, we are creating a Patent Desktop as part of the Research Desktop project. This is an iterative process and we welcome suggestions for inclusion. We are aiming to make access to PATSTAT and predefined patent indicators more widely available to the research community in the near future.


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