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Globalising European Bioethics Education (GLEUBE)

Choon Key Chekar

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Affiliated staff

Ruth Chadwick


In the academic study of bioethics some scholars have identified the emergence of distinct “European” and “American” principles of bioethics. The so-called American values, are represented by the Georgetown Principles: autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice. In contrast, European Principles might be seen to include dignity, integrity and vulnerability. In addition, several ‘new’ principles have also proved popular in (predominantly European) bioethical debates, especially as relates to genomic technology; these include solidarity, benefit sharing and precaution. Most recently scholars have begun to identify principles that might reconcile or go beyond this apparent disparity of European and American principles. Against this backdrop, some have sought to identify similarities between the European and American principles, whilst others have questioned whether “bioethics” need be a “principle-based” discipline at all.


To create a resource that showcases European bioethics scholastic and educative activity to a broad, international, audience.


An interactive website where professional bioethicists and bioethics bodies can upload articles and research resources as well as publishing information about recent news, events and courses that are occurring within the world of bioethics in Europe. The website also contains podcasts and blogs where user can post their opinions and questions pertaining to topics that have been suggested by prominent bioethicists who will also partake in the discussions. In addition, workshops and summer schools were carried out.


The project has identified the following themes to consider in a specifically European context:

(a) nanoscience and nanotechnology; (b) biotechnology and biomedicine, including genetic engineering; (c) Information technology, including advanced computing and communications; (d) cognitive science, including cognitive neuroscience.

Cesagen organised the project conference, which brought together scholars from the US and Europe to discuss the history and future of Bioethics and will be sponsoring a master class on ICT ethics in collaboration with Cesagen’s project on that topic.


Planned: A special issue of the Rylands Bulletin co-edited by Ruth Chadwick and Soren Holm.

Further information

This project is co-ordinated by Mark Cutter at the University of Central Lancashire amcutter@uclan.ac.uk.

For further information please contact Mark Cutter or .