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ICT Ethics

Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir, Paul McCarthy, Ruth Chadwick

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The main challenges engendered by new and emerging ICTs centre on the fact that many legislations and directives are obsolete and unable to keep pace with the implications of developments and deployments. To explore these challenges, the ICT ethics partners are devoted to strategic networking and communication. These activities support the development of four interconnected research lines, each focusing on specific flagship developments:

1) Intelligent Environments Focus area: Personal Health Systems

2) Convergence of Physical, Mental and Virtual Focus area: Assistive Robotics

3) Internet of Things Focus area: Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

4) ICT for Human Security Focus area: Biometric Identification


ICT Ethics performs an integrated ESLA analysis of identified strategic ICT developments that have the potential to revolutionise private, occupational and public lives. The results of the study will be translated into a targeted feedback to all stakeholders involved, to the public at large and to general innovation and e-inclusion policy. 

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