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Next Generation Bio-fuels

Adrian Mackenzie

Start date



In 2008, the UK Carbon Trust funded a program of UK research work on next generation biofuels with a focus on microalgal biotechnologies. It would be beneficial to explore how scientists and policy-makers in the UK are using synthetic biology and other genomics approaches to construct economically competitive biofuels.


The research extends existing work on design, publics, professional formation, and global competition in synthetic biology into the area of biofuels. It will directly address key concerns in Cesagen Theme 3 around speed, value, promise and sustainability. It will link to and broaden existing Cesagen work on European and Global bioeconomies.


Qualitative interviews will be be conducted with genomic scientists and policy makers working on advanced biofuels. Interviews will be conducted with Carbon Trust, with National Biofuels Assocation members, university and industry scientists working on Carbon Trust-funded and other projects. They will involve travel to London, Plymouth, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle.

Project update

Emerging themes:

Possible collaborations with scientists, policy bodies and perhaps NGOs (such as BiofuelWatch) may emerge from the research. Contacts made during interviews and research may also be useful as participants in the Cesagen Lancaster ESRC-funded synthetic biology workshops. 

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