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Bronislaw Szerszynski

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Brian Wynne, Stephanie Koerner (University of Manchester)


Experimentality was the 2009-10 Annual Research Programme of the Institute for Advanced Studies, exploring ideas and practices of experimentation in science and technology, the arts, commerce, politics, popular culture, everyday life, and the natural world. It was delivered in collaboration with departments across the University and a range of academic and arts organisations in the North West and elsewhere, including: the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester; FutureEverything; the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester; the AHRC Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies, University of Manchester; Storey Gallery, Lancaster; Lancaster Litfest; folly; AND (Abandon Normal Devices)festival; the Royal Society; and the Academy of Urbanism.


A major aim of this project was to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration. The exploration of ideas and practices of experimentation took place through a range of workshops and arts events that brought together leading practitioners from a diverse range of social scientific, scientific, and artistic fields, as well as members of the public. All events used the notion of the experiment to explore vital questions about the relationship between knowledge and power, freedom and control in the modern world. They facilitated a unique, open-ended conversation about the power of experimentation to shape the future.


The programme (supported by an interactive social networking site) consisted of: Five interdisciplinary workshops: The Experimental Condition: Programme Launch (15-16 October 2009) Experiment as Event in the Arts and Sciences (19-20 November) Experimental Subjects (14-15 January 2010) Experimental Objects - at the Storey Creative Industries Centre, Lancaster (18-19 February 2010) Experimentality in Nature: Evolution, Novelty, Reflexivity (25-26 March 2010) Two international conferences: The Experimental City - a strand of the FutureEverything festival/conference in Manchester (12-15 May 2010) The Experimental Society - international conference with associated arts events, exhibition and activist lab (7-9 July 2010) Two public debates: The City Debate: Manchester - The Experimental City? with 200 key Manchester actors in public, private and third sector, organised with FutureEverything, Manchester (14 May 2010) The Experimental Society: What Happens when Evidence, Uncertainty and Politics Collide? organised with the Royal Society, Science and Democracy Network and Sciencewise-ERC, Southbank Centre, London (28 June 2010) Three exhibitions: Experimentality Photography Exhibition, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster (13 January - 6 February 2010) What Happens If ... ?, Storey Gallery, Lancaster (30 January - 3 April 2010) Experimentality: The Exhibition, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster (7 – 15 July 2010) Other arts events: Three 'Talks on Art' organised by the Storey Gallery, Lancaster Three public events with Lancaster Litfest with visiting writers talking about experimental writing Experimental writing workshop organised by Litfest Five theatre events organised with the Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster Three music events (two with the Lancaster International Concert Series) Experiments End: an evening of live art, music and video (8 July 2010)

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