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Cesagen response to Human Genetics Commission consultation on A Common Framework of Principles for Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests



December 2009

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Consultation responses



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Download: Cesagen response to HGC consultation on Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests

Background: This Human Genetics Commission (HGC) consultation in late 2009 sought views on a draft 'Common Framework of Principles' for direct-to-consumer genetic testing services. This Framework is intended to represent a consensus between the different views from regulators, academic and clinical experts and industry. The intention is that the principles will be applicable across all jurisdictions and build on existing international guidelines, protocols and standards. Companies who wish to supply direct genetic tests will be encouraged to work in accordance with the principles, and it is anticipated that the development of the common framework of principles will facilitate the development of a UK code of practice for direct genetic testing. Click here to access the consultation document and further information from the HGC.