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Response to Human Genetics Commission Public Consultation on Forensic Use of DNA and the National DNA Database

Ruth McNally


November 2008

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Consultation responses

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In 2008, the Human Genetics Commission (HGC) organised a Public Inquiry and a Public Consultation Exercise on forensic uses of DNA and the National DNA Database. The Genomics Research and Policy Forum, which had a major role in the Inquiry, submitted a response to the Consultation based upon discussion at an Expert Workshop on Genetic Suspects: Emerging Forensic Uses of Genomic Technologies, in October 2008.

Cesagen’s Dr Ruth McNally, a participant at the Workshop and co-author with Mike Lynch, Simon Cole and Kathleen Jordan of Truth Machine: the Contentious History of DNA Fingerprinting, subsequently gave information at an information gathering of the HGC on the ‘core set’ and the Database.She also submitted an individual response to the HGC Consultation. To download this response, click on the following link:

McNally Response to HGC Consultation on National DNA Database

The responses of the Forum and of Dr McNally were quoted in the HGC report, Nothing to Fear, Nothing to Hide, published in November 2009.


http://www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/cesagen/publications/consultationresponses/McNally HGC NDNAD Consultation Nov 08.pdf