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Book chapters

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A Pratical Guide to Research Ethics

Laura Stark & Adam Hedgecoe   2010

Accessing Care: Technology and the Management of the Clinic

Alexandra Hillman; Joanna Latimer   2010

Bio-Amazons - a comment

Chadwick, R.   November 2005

Bioethics and Genetics - Introduction

Chadwick, R.   November 2009


McNeil, M.   April 2005

Campaigns and Coalitions: Governance by Media

Joan Haran   December 2011

Changing Concepts of Race in Genomics

Richard Tutton   January 2012

Clinical Genetics

Clarke, A. and Davies, M.   2007


Mackenzie, A.   2008

Constructions of medical knowledge

Atkinson, P. and Gregory, M.   2007

Critical Discourse Analysis and Citizenship

Norman Fairclough and Bronislaw Szerszynski   December 2010

Cultural Science Studies

Maureen McNeil   2010

Ethical issues : an overview

Levitt, M. and Williams, G.   2005

Ethical issues: an overview

Levitt, M. and Williams, G.   2005

Feminism and Eugenics

Chadwick, R. and Qui, R-Z.   2006

Feminist Science and Technology Studies

Maureen McNeil, Celia Roberts   June 2011

Foucauldian discourse analysis

Arribas-Ayllon, M. and Walkerdine, V.   2007

Gene Therapy

Chadwick, R.   January 2010

Genetic Counselling

Angus Clarke   January 2011

Genetic databases and public trust

Levitt, M. and Weldon, S.   2004

Genetic technology: a threat to deafness?

Chadwick, R. and Levitt, M.   2006

Genetics and Crime

Mairi Levitt   January 2012

Genomic Natures Read Through Posthumanisms

Richard Twine   July 2010

Green movements

Welsh, I.   2004


McNeil, M.   April 2005

Human genetic banking and the limits of informed consent

Williams, G. and Schroeder, D.   2004

Inheritance in society

Atkinson, P., Bharadwaj, A.* and Featherstone, K.*   2003


Mackenzie, A.   2008

Knowledge, innovation and the competitiveness of cities

Cooke, P. and Simmie, J.   April 2005

Moving the goalposts in bioethics

Kamara, M., Mortensen, A. and Jelsoe, E.   July 2006


McNeil, M.   April 2005


Chadwick, R.   November 2009

Nutrigenomics, individualism and sports

Chadwick, R.   November 2005

Orphan Diseases

Ruth Chadwick & Paul McCarthy   January 2011

Personalized Medicine and Promissory Science

Michael Arribas-Ayllon   2011

Personalized Medicine and Promissory Science

Michael Arribas-Ayllon   2012

Principles of Healthcare Ethics

Clarke, A.   2007

Section Three- Representations of genomics

McNeil, M.   October 2009

Stem Cells, Patents and Ethics

Whittaker, P.   2005

The coming of age of public participation

Kamara, M. and Eiensidiel, E.   July 2006

The Donga Tribe

Plows, A.   March 2005

The Impact of Biobanks on Ethical Frameworks

Chadwick, R. and Cutter, M.   2007

The Raw and the Vital

O'Neill, F.   2007

What's so new about the new genetics

Glasner, P. and Rothman, H.*   2004

Books (authored and edited)

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Cinema and Technology

Mackenzie, A., Bennett, B. and Furstenau, M.   2008

Clusters and regional development critical reflections and explorations

Cooke, P., Asheim, B. and Martin, R.   June 2006

Complexity and social movements:multitudes at the edge of chaos

Welsh, I. and Chesters, G.   March 2006

Ethical biocapital: new strategies of cell culture

Franklin, S. and Lock, M.*   2003

Ethnography: Principles in Practice

Atkinson, P. and Hammersley, M.   2007

Genetic Testing: Accounts of Responsibility, Autonomy and Blame

Michael Arribas-Ayllon; Srikant Sarangi; Angus Clarke   2011

Handbook of Ethnography

Atkinson, P., Delamont, S., Coffey, A.J., Lofland,J. and Lofland, L.H.   2007

Handbook of Genetics and Society: Mapping the New Genomic Era

Atkinson, P., Glasner, P., Lock, M.   2009

Human Cloning in the Media: From Science Fiction to Science Practice

McNeil, M., Haran, J., Kitzinger, J. and O'Riordan, K.   2007

Human Cloning in the Media: From Science Fiction to Science Practice

Haran, J., Kitzinger, J., McNeil, M. and O'Riordan, K.   2008

Internet Research Annual Vol. 13

Consalvo, M. and O'Riordan, K.   2005

New Genetics, New Identities

Atkinson, P., Glasner, P. and Greenslade, H.   2007

New Genetics, New Social Formations

Atkinson, P., Glasner, P. and Greenslade, H.   2007

Regulating Next Generation Agri-Food Bio-Technologies

Howlett, Michael and Laycock, David   April 2012

Risky Relations, Family and Kinship in the Era of New Genetics

Featherstone, K., Bharadwaj, A., Clarke, A. and Atkinson, P.   November 2005

Scienza e Governance

Wynne, B., Felt, U., Callon, M., Jasanoff, S., et al.   2008

Social Movements: The Key Concepts

Graeme Chesters, Ian Welsh   2010

The Ethics and Governance of Genetic Databases

Chadwick, R. and Hayry, M.   2007

The SAGE Handbook of Health Care Ethics

Edited by Ruth Chadwick, Henk ten Have and Eric M Meslin   January 2011

Truth Machine: The Contentious History of DNA fingerprinting

McNally, R., Lynch, M., Cole, S. and Jordan, K.   2008


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Conference papers & presentations

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'Privacy consent and control'

Chadwick, R.   2010

'Privacy, choice and the internet'

Chadwick, R.   2009

A History of Futures in Personalized Medicine

Richard Tutton   September 2011

Are 'designer babies' the future?

Levvitt, M.   October 2004

Autonomous Zones

Plows, A.   2005

‘The City of Nature’

Szerszynski, B.

‘The New Topologies of the Public’

Szerszynski, B.

Biobanks: the local; the global; the public

Wilson, S.   November 2004

Biodiversity and its publics

Wynne, B   2005

Complexity and Genomic Responsibility

Michael Arribas-Ayllon   May 2010

Contested Agro - Food Mobilities

Katerina Psarikidou   2010

Databases, genes and nutrition

Chadwick, R.   2005

Design in Synbio

Adrian Mackenzie   2010

Do We Need Knowledge Brokers?

Paul Oldham   December 2011

Does Science need ethics?

Chadwick, R.   2009

Does science need ethics?

Chadwick, R.   2009

Does science need ethics?

Chadwick, R.

Drawing the line

Clarke, A.   2005

Economics of bioinnovation

Cooke, P.   2005

Embodying Large Numbers in R

Adrian Mackenzie   2010

Engineering Subjects in Synbio

Adrian Mackenzie   2010

Ethical issues in Pharmacogenetics

Wilson, S. and Pieri, E.   November 2005

Genetic Testing in Psychiatry, Science and Society

Michael Arribas- Ayllon   2010

Genetics, health and beyond

Williams, G.   2005

Genomics and Globalisation

Oldham, P.   2007

Genomics: A Political Investment in the New

Haran, J. and O'Riordan, K.   July 2005

Good public engagement

Levitt, M.   2006

Half Life; Re-Imagining our PastPresents

Joan Haran   November 2011

Harmonisation and Standardisation

Ruth Chadwick   2010

Heros of Genetics and Feminism

Maureen McNeil   2010

How gay are your genes?

Kitzinger, J.   2005

Human genetic biobanking in Asia

Bhardwaj, M.   2005

Impact and the New Production of Knowledge

Richard Watermeyer   May 2011

Impact: Issues in the new production of knowledge

Richard Watermeyer   December 2011

In Vitro Meat in Context

Neil Stephens   September 2011

In Vitro Meat in Social Context

Neil Stephens   September 2011

Individual Choice and Social Values

Lawrence Busch   2010

Limits to Biocapital

Larry Reynolds & Bronislaw Szerszynski   2010

Media, Culture and Genomics

O'Riordan, K.   October 2005

Media, culture and genomics

O'Riordan, K. and Haran, J.   2005

Medical Data Objects

Mackenzie, A.   2009

Men, Myth and Mingers

Martin O'Neill   April 2011

Neurosciences and Society Symposia

Featherstone, K.   2009

New Cancer Memoirs and Body Politics

Maureen McNeil   July 2011

New Scientific Identities

Richard Watermeyer   April 2011

Nutrigenomiucs, markers and health

Chadwick, R.   2006

Open consent: why not?

Chadwick, R.   2009

Open Objects in Synbio

Adrian Mackenzie   April 2010

Performances of authority at the UK stem cell bank steering committee

Glasner, P., Atkinson, P, Stephens, N.   2006

Personal genomes: no bad news?

Ruth Chadwick   2010

Popular reproductive narratives

McNeil, M.   2005

PostHuman nature

Haran, J.   2005

Professional Ambivalence: Accounts of Ethical Practice in Childhood Genetic Testing

Clarke, A., Arribas-Ayllon, M. and Sarangi, S.   2008

Profiling ProteomeXchange with PROTEE

Ruth McNally   September 2011

Promise, Complexity and the Future of Genomic Psychiatry

Michael Arribas -Ayllon   December 2010

Promoting Excellence in All Care Homes

Martin O'Neill   June 2011

Protean Methods in Pursuit of Identity and Difference

Adrian Mackenzie   November 2011

Proteomics networks on the world-wide web

McNally, R. and Glasner, P.   2005

Public Appeals in Synbio

Adrian Mackenzie   2010

R Worlds

Adrian Mackenzie   2010

Research cultures in UK plant genomic sciences

Wynne, B, Stengel, K and Waterton, C   2005

Rett Syndrome over Twenty Years

Angus Clarke   2010

Reynolds, L.

Reynolds, L.   2009

Sci-Art: Cultural encounters with science

Richard Watermeyer   April 2011

Science and its publics

Evans, R.   2005

Science, Genomics and Contemporary Film

O'Riordan, K.   April 2005

Synthetic Biology

Wynne, B.   2008

Talking biotechnology in the British news media

Haran, J. and Kitzinger, J.   2005

Technological Belongings

O'Neill, F.   2007

The Future of bioethics'

Chadwick, R.   2010

The future of ELSA

Chadwick, R.   2006

The Supply of Numbers in Infectious Disease

Adrian Mackenzie   February 2012

Tracing genomics in traditional medicine

Minakshi Bhardwaj   2010

Understanding Food Safety

Busch, L.   2009

Unruly bodies and anomalous minds: the figuring of women in human genomics

Kitzinger, J. McNeil, M., Haran, J. and O'Riordan, K.   2005

What does it mean to fund public good plant science?

Stengel, K and Waterton, C.   2005

What Future for privacy?

Chadwick, R.   2009

What Future for Privacy?

Ruth Chadwick   2010

Where are the moral experts?

Levitt, M. and Hallowell, N.   2005

Why Don't Deaf People come for Genetic Counselling?

Clarke, A. and Sarangi, S.   2008

Writing Lives in and Through Genomics

Maureen McNeil   November 2011

Consultation responses

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Cesagen's response to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics consultation on neurotechnology: Intervening in the brain

Gunnarsdottir, K., Chadwick, R., Hughes, J., Lewis, J., O'Connor, A. and Stephens, N.   April 2012

Journal articles

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A Billion Gadget Minds

Adrian Mackenzie   December 2011

Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety Certification Agencies in Four Chinese Cities

Hongping, F., Ye, Z., Zhao, W., Tian, H., Qi, Y. and Busch, L.   2010

Animal Engineering

Twine, R.   2008

Begriffsbestimmungen in der Sterbehilfe.

Bosshard, G   February 2005

Bioethics in the age of new media (book review)

Chekar, C. and Haran, J.   June 2010

Bioethics: recognizing diversity

Chadwick, R.   December 2005

Biopolitics in Asia

Glasner, P.   2010

Changing Climates: Introduction

Szerszynski, B.   March 2010

Code and conduct in crisis

Adrian Mackenzie   November 2011

Complexity and accountability: The witches brew of psychiatric genetics

Arribas-Ayllon, M., Bartlett, A. and Featherstone, K.   2010

Covert repertoires: ecotage in the UK

Plows, A., Wall, D.* Doherty, B.*   2004

Criminality in our genes?

Pieri, E. and Levitt, M.   2007

Design in synthetic biology

Mackenzie, A.   June 2010

Dysmorphology and the spectacle of the clinic

Clarke, A., Featherston, K., Atkinson, P. et al   July 2005

Emphasising parental choice on newborn screening

Clarke, A. et al   March 2005

Ethics in food and agriculture: views from the FAO

Bhardwaj, M., Maekawa, F.*, Niimura, Y.* and Macer, D. R. J.*   2003

Gender and the human genome

Chadwick, R.   2010

Gender and the human genome

Lunshof, J. and Chadwick, R.   2010

Gene week: a novel way of consulting the public

Levitt, M., Weiner, K.*and Goodacre, J.*   2005

Gene week: a novel way of consulting the public

Levitt, M. et al   January 2005

Genetic databases and public attitudes: a comparison of Estonia, UK and Iceland

Korts, K.,* Weldon, S. and Gudmundsdottir, M.*(   2003

Genetic risk estimation by healthcare professionals

Clarke, A. et al   February 2005

Genomic databases as global public goods?

Chadwick, R., Wilson, S.   2004

Genommedizin: Eine Standortbestimmung

Bosshard, G   February 2005

Human gene banks

Williams, G.   December 2004

Human genetic banking: altruism, benefit and consent

Williams, G. and Schroeder, D.*   2004

Human genetic research: emerging trends in ethics

Chadwick, R. et al   January 2005

Life, Science and Biopower

Raman, S. and Tutton, R.   2010

Living with genetic disorders

Clarke, A.   2004

More parts than elements: how database multiply

Adrian Mackenzie   November 2011

Nonmedical Sex Selection: Ethical Issues

Strange, H. and Chadwick, R.   February 2010

Open objects in 21st century biology

Adrian Mackenzie   March 2012

Performing stable angina pectoris: an ethnographic study

Somerville, C., Featherstone, K., Hemingway, H., Timmis, A. and Feder, G.   2010

Plant Sciences and the Public Good

Stengel, K. and Wynne, B.   2010

Professional ethics and the 'good' of science

Chadwick, R.   September 2005

Realising the 'Learning Country': Research Activity and Capacity With Welsh Local Authorities

Power, S., Taylor, C., Lewis, J., Connolly, M., Thomas, G. and Jones, S.W.   2010

Redefining hope as praxis

Haran, J.   October 2010

Response to commentators

Chadwick, R.   May 2006

Sexual rights and gender roles in a religious context

Shahida, Z. Arulmozhi, R., Qiu, R., Raucher, M., Chadwick, R. and Nossier, A.   2010

Social Science in a stem cell laboratory: what happened when social and life sciences met

Neil Stephens - Co authored paper by the Director of the UK Stem Cell Bank   January 2012

Taxonomy, Biodiversity and their Publics in 21st Century DNA Barcoding

Ellis, R., Waterton, C. and Wynne, B.   2010

The Ethics of Nonmedical Sex Selection

Strange, H. and Chadwick, R.   2010

The Future of human nature (book review)

Welsh, I. et al   August 2005

The practical ethics of genetic responsibility: nondisclosure and the autonomy of affect

Arribas-Ayllon, M., Featherstone, K. and Atkinson, P.   2011

Therapeutic cloning: the ethical limits

Whittaker, P.   September 2005


Adrian Mackenzie   October 2011

UK Biobank: a model for public engagement?

Levitt, M.   December 2005


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Ten Years of Impact

Cesagen Report   April 2012

Working papers

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Genetically modified crops and food: threat or opportunity for Ireland?

Whittaker, P., Wilsdon, J, and Stilgoe, J.   September 2005

The public value of science

Wynne, B.   2005