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Professor Jenny Kitzinger

Professor of Media and Communications Research


+44 (0) 29 2087 4571




School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University


Jenny is Professor of Media and Communications Research at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. She was formerly Reader in Sociology at Brunel, and prior to that at the Glasgow Media Group and in Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge University.



Haran, J., Kitzinger, J., McNeil, M. and O'Riordan, K., 2007. Human Cloning in the Media: from science fiction to science practice. London: Routledge.

Kitzinger, J., 2004. Framing Abuse: media influence and public understandings of sexual violence against children. London: Pluto.

Miller, D., Kitzinger, J. and Beharrell, P., 1998. The Circuit of Mass Communication: media strategies, representation and audience reception in the AIDS crisis. London: Sage.

Barbour, R. and Kitzinger, J. (eds), 1999. Developing Focus Group Research: politics, theory and practice. London: Sage.

Eldridge, J., Kitzinger, J. and Williams, K., 1997. Mass Media and Power in Modern Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Journal Articles:

Haran, J. and Kitzinger, J., 2010. 'Modest Witnessing and managing the boundaries between science and the media: a case study of breakthrough and scandal', Public Understanding of Science 18(6): 634-652 DOI: 10.1177/0963662509338324 PDF

Research Interests

Jenny's work examines power struggles in media production processesand is particularly concerned with questions of media influence and audience reception. She has alsowritten extensively about focus group research methods. Her work on risk, science and healthincludes studies on: the media’s role in the AIDS crisis; representations of cancer; mediaadvocacy strategies; the portrayal of breast feeding; digital science TV; controversies about GMfood; the reporting of ethical debates about human genetic research; risk and emerging technologies;the media framing of human cloning.

Other Activities

Jenny has established a collaboration with Lilla Vicsek, from the Institute of Sociology Budapest Corvinus University. Funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, Lilla Vicsek is examining audience understandings of stem cell research in Hungary, echoing the methods used in the UK work, to allow for a collaborative comparative project

Research tags

media   cultural representations