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Miss Flo Ticehurst

Cesagen Communications Officer


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6 Museum Place, Cardiff University


Flo Ticehurst is the Communications Officer for Cesagen and based at Cardiff University. She is responsible for internal and external communications for Cesagen.

Flo obtained a Bsc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Stirling and an MSc in Science, Culture and Communication from the University of Bath. For her Master's dissertation, Flo explored the use of hypertext in science communication, creating a website designed to facilitate a critical understanding of ethical, social and legal issues associated with the development of genetically modified rice.

Following her studies, Flo began working as Genetics and Society Research Officer for the Wales Gene Park. In this role she supported the network of researchers at Cardiff University involved in research focusing on ethical, legal and social aspects of genetics and worked with Wales Gene Park colleagues to develop and deliver education and public engagement projects. She has also been involved in developing Cesagen's research programme focussing on Psychiatric Genetics.

Flo is interested in the development of artistic approaches to public engagement and is currently working on the development of a community engagement arts programme exploring ageing and anti-ageing.

She recently worked on a public engagement project in collaboration with the Wales Gene Park exploring the social and ethical issues surrounding the '$1000 genome' with young people. The topic was explored in sessions using hands-on experiments, drama, film and discussions sessions. The young people worked with cardiff artist Julia Thomas to produce artwork, using the social and ethical issues which they have discussed as the context. Read More

While working with the Wales Gene Park, Flo co-led a Wellcome Trust funded project which explored contemporary developments in human genetics related to mental illness through the development of an interactive drama - Boy Genius, which toured schools and colleges in Wales.


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