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Dr. Jane Taylor

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching


Tel. +44 1524 593598




C28 Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Lancaster University


Journal Articles:

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Edited Books:

Seymour, G.B., Taylor, J.E., Tucker, G.A. 1993 (Eds) Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening. London: Chapman and Hall.


Davies, W.J., Thompson, D.S., Taylor, J.E. 1998. 'Manipulation of growth of horticultural crops under environmental stress.' Proceedings of HRI Conference entitled 'Genetic and Environmental Manipulation of Horticultural Crops'.

Eds. K. Cockshull, D. Gray, G.B. Seymour & B. Thomas. CAB Wallingford pp. 157-174.

    Research Interests

    My research interests centre on the molecular changes that underpin plant responses to environmental stress. These can be divided into three areas:

    Signalling in response to biotic attack

    My major focus, in ongoing projects with Dr Nigel Paul and Dr Mike Roberts at Lancaster, is to examine the molecular basis of plant responses to herbivore and pathogen attack via a multidisciplinary approach through the use of molecular, biochemical and physiological studies. In the natural environment these stresses may act simultaneously and a particular focus is to define the signalling events and molecular outcomes in response to multiple stresses.

    Growth and development

    In addition I currently have collaborations with Prof. Gary Tallman (University of Pepperdine, Oregon, US) investigating the cues that regulate the differentiation of guard cells in culture, and with Prof. Bill Davies examining the intercellular signals that regulate plant growth.

    Science policy

    Research in collaboration with Prof. Brian Wynne and Claire Waterton at the ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen) aims to examine the practical implications for environmental knowledge and life sciences policy, of commercialization processes within plant genomics research.

    Research tags

    plant science   environment   policy