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Dr. Claire Waterton


+44(0) 1524 593322




Claire is a lecturer in Environmental and Social Policy in the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change (CSEC) within IEPPP at Lancaster. She has been a Researcher in CSEC since 1992. Her research has included two ESRC-funded projects 'Scientists Reflect on Science: How Scientists Encounter the Environment-Risk Domain' and 'Databases and European Environmental Policy' as part of CSEC's 'Science, Culture and the Environment' Programme. She is Principal Investigator on the CESAGen Flagship Project on Plant Genomics.



Szerszynski, B. Heim, W. and Waterton, C., 2004. Nature Performed: environment, culture and performance. Sociological Review Monographs. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Journal Articles:

Ellis, R. and Waterton, C., 2005. 'Caught between the Cartographic and the Ethnographic: the Whereabouts of Amateurs, Professionals and Nature in Knowing Biodiversity.' Environmental Planning D, 'Society & Space'. 23:5: 673 – 693

Waterton, C., 2005. 'Scientists' Conceptions of the Boundaries between their Own Research and Policy'. Science and Public Policy. 32:6: 435-444. ISSN 0302-3427.

Waterton C. and Ellis R., 2004. ‘Environmental Citizenship in the making: The participation of volunteer naturalists in UK biological recording.' Science & Public Policy. 31: 2: 95-105.

Waterton, C., 2002. 'From field to fantasy: classifying nature, constructing Europe.' Social Studies of Science. 32:2 (April).

Book Chapters:

Waterton, C. and Wynne, B., 2004. 'In the Eye of the Hurricane: knowledge and social order in the European Environment Agency' in Jasanoff, S. (ed) States of Knowledge: The Co-Production of Science and Social Order. London: Routledge: 87-108.


Waterton, C., Wynne, B. Grove-White and R. Mansfield, T., 2001 'Scientists Reflect on Science: Scientists' Perspectives on Contemporary Science and Environmental Policy', CSEC Report, Lancaster University.

Research Interests

  • The making of scientific knowledge
  • The making of classifications
  • The relationship of scientific knowledge to contempotary environmental policymaking in the UK, Europe and on a global level
  • Sociology/anthropology/cultural studies of science, especially questions of method, and the role of the science studies researcher in studying contemporary science and policymaking