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Dr. Larry Reynolds

Cesagen Research Fellow




FASS Building, County South


My research interests bring together concerns from political economy with STS to address the emerging cultural politics of technology, with a particular focus on biotechnology and neo-liberal globalisation. Before joining CESAGen my work examined the dynamics around the production and contestation of GM agrifood, both for my doctoral studies and subsequent career as a Research Associate. This has since developed into a programme investigating the emerging discourses and strategy of the 'bioeconomy' amongst actors such as the EU, the OECD and various nation states, corporations and regions. Here, themes of the Knowledge Based Economy as a technoscientific strategy for global competitiveness combine with discourses of environmental sustainability to suggest new product and process innovations, capital accumulation strategies and extractions of value from the biosciences. One key question for study is how some visions of sustainability become enrolled by industry and governments, while others become occluded or marginalised.

Research tags

GM food   bioeconomy   sustainability   knowledge economy