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Ms. Sue Starling

PhD Student


Sue holds a BSc in Zoology (The University of Nottingham), an MSc in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity (Imperial College/The Natural History Museum, London), and an MA in Society and Genetics (Cesagen/Lancaster University).


01524 594740



Sue's PhD research, funded by the ESRC, looks at contemporary approaches to taxonomy and biodiversity, and how these are oriented around four co-ordinates that she has identified as counting, selling, loving and saving. Her interest in this topic arose from her experience of training to be a taxonomist at the Natural History Museum, London, and from some experience of doing entomological field work. Sue looking at three case studies:1) an analysis of the taxonomy and biodiversity methods employed at the National Institute for Biodiversity (INBio) in Costa Rica; 2) an analysis of DNA barcoding, and the project to 'barcode life'; 3) a discussion as to whether there is a potentially transformative aspect to developments in DNA taxonomy for taxonomy and biodiversity studies.To explore these case studies, Sue is using additive social science methods, and then performing a final twist, following Lacan and Badiou. The premise being that we must add before we can subtract, and that with Badiou, the impasse of additive social sciences can be traversed through his subtractive ontology.