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Dr. Chris Groves

Cesagen Research Fellow


BA in Philosophy and Sociology, MA in Philosophy and Social Theory, PhD in Philosophy


+44(0) 29 2087 0544






10 Museum Place


Chris Groves' work focuses on how people and institutions negotiate and deal with an intrinsically uncertain future – one increasingly imagined against the backdrop of global environmental change and accelerating technological innovation. Along with the ethical and political implications of a range of future-oriented discourses and practices (e.g. risk management, precautionary regulation, building resilience), he examines how our ideas about what it means for individuals and whole societies to take responsibility for their futures are being changed by emerging technologies (such as the convergence between bio- and nanotechnology and personalised genetic testing). The monograph Future Matters: Action, Knowledge, Ethics (Brill, 2007), co-authored with Professor Barbara Adam (Social Science, Cardiff University), examines these themes in depth.

Chris' Scribd page can be found here



Groves, C., Adam, B. 2007. Future Matters: Action, Knowledge, Ethics. Leiden: Brill. For a Google Books Preview, click here

Journal Articles:

Groves, C. 'Public engagement on nanotechnologies: linearity, reflexivity and the UK experience'. Science and Public Policy. 38(10). In Press - December 2011.

Groves, C. 'The Political Imaginary of Care: Generic versus Singular Futures'. Journal of International Political Theory. 7(2), In Press - October 2011.

Groves, C., Frater, L., Lee, R., Stokes, E. 2011. 'Is There Room at the Bottom for CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility and Nanotechnology in the UK'. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-010-0731-7

Groves, C., Adam, B. 2011. 'Futures Tended: Care and Future-Oriented Responsibility'. Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society. 31(1): 17-27.

Groves, C. 2010. 'The public perception of nanotechnology: is it all about risk?'. Nanotechnology Perceptions. 6(2): 85-94.

Groves, C. 2009. 'Nanotechnology, Contingency and Finitude'. Nanoethics. 3(1): 1-16Groves, C. 2009. 'Future Ethics: Risk, Care and Non-Reciprocal Responsibility'. Journal of Global Ethics. 5(1): 17-31. (published in tandem with a response by Professor Robin Attfield, Department of Philosophy, Cardiff)

Research Interests

  • Environmental ethics and law
  • Intergenerational ethics and sustainability
  • Novel technologies
  • Risk and regulation
  • Sociology of risk and uncertainty
  • Social theories of time
  • Devolution and democratic politics in the United Kingdom