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Dr. Alexandra Hillman

Cesagen Research Fellow




(029) 20 879602






6 Museum Place


Alexandra Hillman is a research fellow working in the field of medical sociology. She currently holds a Wellcome Trust fellowship award to explore the social and ethical implications of early detection and diagnosis of dementia in memory clinics. Alex has worked on a number of collaborative projects that have drawn on ethnographic and qualitative methods to explore aspects of social life. Although her work has focussed predominantly on medicine, healthcare and older people, she has been involved in studies that explore a variety of social issues including: the identities of ‘looked after’ children and young people, the uses and impacts of remote monitoring devices for chronically ill people, the socio-cultural aspects of healthcare provision and older people’s experiences of acute and emergency medical care.


White, P., Hillman, A., Latimer, J. (forthcoming 2012) ‘Ordering, Enrolling and Dismissing: Moments of Access across Hospital Spaces’ in Space and Culture Environment and Planning D as part of a special issue on Hospital Heterotopias: Ethnographies of biomedical and non-biomedical spacesHillman, A., Latimer, J., White, P. (2010) 'Accessing Care: Technology and the Management of the Clinic' in New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care Miguel Domenech & Michael Schillmeier (Eds.) Aldershot: Ashgate pp. 197-221Evans, R., Hillman, H., Rees, G., Ross, N.J., Taylor, C. and Williams, G. (2009) ‘Deliberative Inquiry and Policy Making’ in Qualitative Researcher, 10: 10-11Ross, N.J., Renold, E., Holland, S., Hillman, A. (2009) 'Moving stories: using mobile methods to explore the everyday lives of children in public care', Qualitative Research, vol. 9(5) 01–19

Research Interests

Research interests are primarily in aging and identity, the production of biomedical knowledge and practice, the organisation and delivery of health care and the ethics of care.

Research tags

ageing   dementia   dignity   ethics   biomedicine   social care