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Dr. Richard Watermeyer

Cesagen Research Fellow in Engagement and Impact in Science and Technology






6 Museum Place


Dr Richard Watermeyer is Cesagen Research Fellow in Engagement and Impact in Science and Technology. He is Project Lead for the ‘Programme for Impact and Engagement Studies’ (PIER). Richard was previously the principal evaluator for the Beacon for Wales – Beacons for Public Engagement. He is expert in the design and evaluation of innovative approaches to public dialogue, and the development of methods for communicating expert knowledge and promoting dialogical interplay between specialist and non-specialists communities. He has written about a number of these issues, including the use of social network media, art galleries, science museums/centres, cinemas and science cafes as spaces of informal learning that can induce and maintain public dialogue.

Conceptually, his work is at the intersection of Science Technology Studies (STS) and the Sociology of Education with interests in innovative pedagogies, object-based and experiential forms of learning; creative processes in the visualization of scientific complexity; the governance of science; spaces/methods of upstream dialogue and co-constructions of expert knowledge.

Research projects

  • 2012 – Watemeyer, R. Teachers as Ambassadors and Careers Advisors in STEM in conjunction with See Science.
  • 2012 – Watermeyer, R. Pathways in STEM: Aligning HE Curricula with Industry
  • 2011 - Watermeyer, R. & Hedgecoe, A. A cartography of impact: Measuring and mapping the socio-economic contributions of new knowledge.
  • 2011 - Watermeyer, R. Ellis, L. and Grandison, S. Empathic Understanding Through Creative Interactions: Making Meaning of Mental Health in Public Art Galleries with Tate Modern and East London NHS Foundation Trust.
  • 2011- Watermeyer, R. Locating learning in objects: Realising science through museum and gallery pedagogy. An ethnography of the Langley Academy Museum School.

Consultancy (recent)

  • 2012. Watermeyer, R. & Rowe, G. Evaluation of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)/Sciencewise: Avoidance of Mitochondrial Disease – Public Dialogue.
  • 2012. Watermeyer, R. Evaluation of National HE STEM Programme Careers Module.
  • 2011. Watermeyer, R. Final evaluation of the Beacon for Wales, Beacons for Public Engagement initiative. RCUK.
  • 2010-11. Watermeyer, R., Rowe, G., Murcott, A., Paddock, J. & Horlick-Jones, T. Evaluation of Science, Trust and Public Engagement. Sciencewise/BIS.
  • 2010. Horlick-Jones, T., Watermeyer, R., Paddock, J., Rowe, G. and Murcott, A. Evaluation of the Public Dialogue on Genetically-Modified Food and Crops. Food Standards Agency. Selected as ‘preferred bidder’ in competitive tendering process, but project cancelled as part of post-financial crisis public expenditure cuts.
  • 2011 - Consultant to the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) (various)

Administrative and other duties

Member of Cesagen Centre Research Management Committee (CRMC)

Committee member – Cardiff School of Social Sciences Research Committee 2010-

Committee member – Cardiff School of Social Sciences Wellbeing and Environment Committee 2010-

Cesagen theme-leader for Programme for Impact and Engagement Research (PIER)

Chair- designate - Visitor Studies Group 2012-

Convener of engaged: Research into public engagement. An academic research group for the discussion of public engagement 2009 –

Editorial board member for Global Education Review

Peer-reviewer for Studies in Higher Education; Tertiary Education and Management; New Genetics and Society; Genomics, Society and Policy; Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement

Peer-reviewer for RCUK Catalyst programme 2011-12

Invited member of ESRC Critical Public Engagement Seminar Series. 2011. Royal Society, London, UK.

Specialist consultant to Paul Hamlyn: Foundation inquiry into museums and public engagement (2010). Amgueddfa Cymru/National Museum Wales- Cardiff.

Equalities and Human Rights Commission ‘White Ribbon’ campaign - steering group member.

Invited contributor to London School of Economics (LSE) Impact of Social Science Blog


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Measuring the impact values of public engagement in medical contexts. Science Communication DOI: 10.1177/1075547011432804

Watermeyer, R. (2012) From engagement to impact? Articulating the public value of academic research. Tertiary Education and Management, 18(2), 115-130

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Confirming the legitimacy of female participation in STEM: Evaluation of a UK STEM initiative for girls. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 33(5)

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Impact: Issues for the new knowledge capital. Studies in Higher Education DOI: 10.1080/03075079.2012.709490

Watermeyer, R. (2012) A conceptualisation of the post-museum as pedagogical space. Jcom 11(01) (2012) A02.

Watermeyer, R. (2012) The presentation of science in everyday life: The science show. Cultural Studies of Science Education. (Accepted)

Watermeyer, R. (2011) Challenges for engagement: Toward a public academe? Higher Education Quarterly, 65(4), 386-410.

Watermeyer, R. (2010) Social network science: Pedagogy, dialogue and deliberation. Jcom, 09 (01) (2010) A04.

Watermeyer, R. & Stevenson, V. (2010) Discover!ng women in STEM: Girls into science, technology, engineering and maths. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 2(1), 26-46

Under review

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Science at the museum school: The contribution of museum-inspired-learning (MIL) to STEM. International Journal of Science Education.

Atkinson, P., Watermeyer, R. & Delamont, S. (2012) Expertise, authority and embodied pedagogy: Operatic masterclasses. British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Ellis, L., Grandison, S. & Watermeyer, R. (2012) Empathic understanding through creative interactions: making meaning of mental health in public art galleries. Arts and Health.Working papers

Watermeyer, R. The Presentation of Science in Everyday Life: The Science Show.Book Chapters

Watermeyer, R. (2012) The museum as public laboratory in A. Boddington, C. Speight & J.Boys (Eds.) Museums and higher education: Learning at the interface. London: Ashgate.

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Social network media in R. Chadwick (Ed.) Encyclopedia of applied ethics. Second Edition, Volume 4. San Diego: Academic Press.

Watermeyer, R. (2012) The false dawn of dialogue: Impediments to publics’ decision-making and the management of choice in matters of science and technology in L. Busch (Ed). Technologies of choice and control: The life sciences under neoliberalism. London: Routledge. (in press)Reports

p class="Default">Watermeyer, R. (2012) National HE STEM: Careers module. Final evaluation.

Hedgecoe, A. & Watermeyer, R. (2012) Impact assessment pilot: Observational summary submitted to Cardiff University REF Committee.

Watermeyer, R., Rowe, G., Paddock, J., Murcott, A. & Horlick-Jones, T. (2011) Science, trust and public engagement: Exploring future pathways to good governance - Evaluation. London: Sciencewise/BIS.

Watermeyer, R. (2011) Curriculum alignment, articulation and the formative development of the learner. International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Watermeyer, R. & Sims, L. (2011) Investigation of alumni perceptions of and attitudes to the extended essay with particular reference to world studies. International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Watermeyer, R. & Sims, L. (2011) Investigation into the attitudes to and the status of the Extended Essay as an entry qualification for tertiary education with particular reference to World Studies. International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Beacon for Wales – Final evaluation. RCUK.

Watermeyer, R. (2010) Interpreting public engagement: An audit of senior academics’ attitudes towards public engagement. Cardiff: Beacon for Wales.

Watermeyer, R. (2009) Interpretations of public engagement: An audit of medical researchers’ attitudes towards public engagement. Cardiff: Beacon for Wales.

Watermeyer, R. (2009) Impact: An evaluation strategy for Higher Education. Cardiff: Beacon for Wales.

Watermeyer, R., Hall, D. & Rees, M. (2007) Procurement and capacity building for educational research in Wales. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

Conference Presentations (Recent)

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Panel convenor –The impact of ‘impact’: public-making and pseudo science engagement. The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)/ European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) 2012. Copenhagen, Denmark

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Co-opting the museological for the pedagogical: Learners as publics and future publics of science. Science as Public. University College London (UCL), London, UK.

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Catalysing confident learners in STEM. British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference 2012. Manchester, UK.

Watermeyer, R. (2011) Impact: Issues in the new production of knowledge. Society for Research in Higher Education. Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE). Wales, UK.Watermeyer, R., Ellis, L. & Grandison, S. (2011) From gallery to ward: A relational aesthetic for mental healthcare. Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice. ESRC Genomics Network.Watermeyer, R. (2011) The Desublimation of Dialogue: Difficulties and Dangers in Public Engagement with Science and Technology. The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). Cleveland, Ohio.Watermeyer, R. (2011) Empathic Understanding through Creative Interactions: Making Meaning of Mental Health in Public Art Galleries. BSA- Medical Sociology Conference. Chester, UK.Watermeyer, R. (2011) Impact and the New Production of Knowledge. HEIR 2011, Kingston University.

Watermeyer, R. & Lewis, J. (2011) Sci-Art: Cultural Encounters with Science. British Sociological Association Conference 2011, London School of Economics.Watermeyer, R. (2011) New Scientific Identities. Gender and Education Association International Conference 2011, Exeter University.Watermeyer, R. (2010) Participatory Pedagogy – The Museum as Public Laboratory of Knowledge. Learning at the Interface: Museum and University Collaborations, V&A. Watermeyer, R. (2010) Sci-Art: Cultural Encounters with Science. Science and the Public, Imperial College and Science Museum.Watermeyer, R. (2010) A Public Academe? European Higher Education Society (EAIR), Valencia, Spain.Watermeyer, R. (2010) Imagining Complexity: The Intentional Co-option of Controversy in Science and Technology, European Association for Science and Technology (EASST), Trento, Italy.Watermeyer, R. (2009) The Genomic Gallery: Spaces of Contrast, Deliberation and Discontent, ESRC Genomics Network Conference – Mapping the Genomic Era: Measurements and Meanings.Watermeyer, R. (2009) Blurring Boundaries – Science in Art, Art as Science. engaged in the visual arts: Future Perfect: Art, Gallery Education and Regeneration: International Conference (2009).Watermeyer, R. (2009) Social Network Science. Living Knowledge Conference 2009.Invited presentations (Recent)

Watermeyer, R. (2012) RCUK Grant Funding Processes for Early Career Researchers – Cardiff Graduate School

Watermeyer, R. (2012) Research into Public Engagement in HEIs. Expert Group: RCUK and National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

Watermeyer, R. (2011) The Future of Public Engagement. Expert Panel: Beacon for Wales Final Conference. Watermeyer, R. (2011) Methodological Approaches to Curriculum Development. International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).Watermeyer, R. (2010) Diverse Pathways in Educational Research. International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).Watermeyer, R. (2010) Discover! British Science Festival: HE STEM.Watermeyer, R. (2010) Locating Theory/Informing Method for Learner Evaluation. British Educational Research Association (BERA) & Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP): The Role of Theory in Educational Research.Watermeyer, R. (2010) Discover!ng STEM for Girls. Childhood Research Group: Cardiff School of Social Sciences.Watermeyer, R. (2010) Approaches to Public Engagement. Vitae SWW Hub – Good Practice Annual Conference.Watermeyer, R. (2009) Capacity for Educational Research in Wales. Welsh Educational Research Network (WERN).Watermeyer, R. (2009) Public Engagement for Higher Education in Wales. Higher Education Wales (HEW): Vice- Chancellor’s Committee.Watermeyer, R. (2009) Evaluation Strategy for Public Engagement. Science Alliance Cymru.Commentating Rapporteur for the ESRC/TLRP: Strategic Forum for Research in Education (SFRE) 2008.

Research Interests

  • Innovative methodology/evaluation methodology for public engagement in science and technology (PEST)
  • Scientific ‘impact’ and the production of expertise
  • Science communication – with a special focus on Sci-Art and museum, gallery, science centre approaches
  • Critical/border pedagogy, experiential, incidental and public learning
  • Identity politics and mediated publics
  • Counter/sub/youth/latent/disenfranchised publics
  • Higher Education policy and governance