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Dr. Rebecca Dimond

Cesagen Research Fellow


BSc, MA, PhD


029 2087 0025






6 Museum Place, Cardiff University


Rebecca Dimond is a research associate on a project focusing on the social and ethical aspects of mitochondrial disease. Through media analysis, interviews with patients and clinicians and observation of clinical consultations, this project will seek to identify communication challenges and policy implications of rare and complex diseases.

Rebecca has extensive experience of documenting the social aspects of genetic disease. Rebecca completed her PhD in Social Sciences in 2010. This was a multi-sited ethnography which looked at how a rare genetic syndrome, 22q11 deletion syndrome, was negotiated by patients, parents and health professionals within the context of the clinic and conference. Rebecca previously worked as a research assistant at Cesagen on a project focusing on transgenerational communication strategies of patients and carriers of haemophila and before this, was a research assistant with the Welsh Centre for Learning Disabilities at Cardiff University. While studying for her PhD, Rebecca gained an MSc in Social Science Research Methods and has a BSc and MA with the Open University.


Dimond, R., Needs, J. (2011 forthcoming) Geneticization. Key Concepts in Medical Sociology. London: Sage.

Dimond, R. (2009) The Construction and Classification of 22q11 Deletion Syndrome. Working paper 122: 86-100 published by Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, CF10 3WT, UK - please click here to access

Gregory, M., Boddington, P., Dimond, R., Atkinson, P., Clarke, A., Collins, P. (2007) Communicating about haemophilia within the family: the importance of context and of experience. Haemophilia, Volume 13, Number 2, March 2007, pp. 189-198

Research Interests

  • Classification of genetic syndromes and their consequences
  • Patient experience and clinical management of rare disease
  • Qualitative research methods