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Mr. Chris Chatterton

PhD Student


Chris's PhD research, funded by the ESRC, is looking at how genetic and environmental understandings of Syndrome-X shape both the condition and its treatment. Prior to this he completed an MA in Environment, Culture and Society (Research) at Lancaster, as part of the required ESRC social science research training programme.

Before developing his interest in bioethics Chris worked for over ten years in medical genetics research for both Imperial College (Medical School) and the Institute of Child Health (UCL) in London. He has a BSc (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences from King’s College (London) and an MSc in Biodiversity from Imperial College. Coming from a natural science background, Chris is particularly keen to encourage better links and understanding between researchers from this field, with workers in the social sciences.


  • An interaction between the IL-4Ralpha gene and infection is associated with atopic eczema in young children. Callard RE, Hamvas R, Chatterton C, Blanco C., Pembrey M., Jones R., Sherriff A., Henderson J.; The ALSPAC Study Team (2002). Clin. Exp. Allergy Jul, 32 (7): 990-993
  • Plasma chitotriosidase activity in Gaucher disease patients who have been treated either by bone marrow transplantation or by enzyme replacement therapy with Alglucerase. Young E., Chatterton C., Vellodi A., Winchester B. (1997) J. Inher. Metab. Dis. Vol. 20 pp 595-602
  • Urinary lactate excretion in type 1 glycogenosis – a marker of metabolic control or renal tubular dysfunction? Lee P.J., Chatterton C., Leonard J.V. (1996) J. Inher. Metab. Dis. Vol. 19 pp 201-204
  • Research Interests

    The ELS issues arising from the new genetics, with particular reference to human genetics, as well as the debate around pharmacogenetics and a general interest in the public understanding of science.