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Dr. Paul McCarthy

Cesagen Research Fellow


01524 510846




Institute for Advanced Studies


Paul is Cesagen's Research Council Academic Fellow in Health Care Resources in the Postgenome Era and is based in Lancaster. Paul's disciplinary background is within Social Policy where his research mainly focused on the impacts of genetics and other technologies/sciences on Social Policy, both historically and currently. He has also taught Research Methodology for a number of years in Ireland and also more recently in Russia and China. His research interests in Cesagen will focus primarily on regulatory and goverance issues as they arise out of Genomics. His three main themes in this regard are enhancement/eugenics; Genomics and the concept of bio-economies; and exploring innovative regulatory frameworks dealing with Genomics at national, EU and supranational level. Future proposals will include an FP7 bid on the regulation of medical technologies in the EU as well as developing research projects on his three main themes. He is also exploring with the Genetic Knowledge Parks possible research streams focusing on clinical governance and the impact of various regulatory frameworks on aspects of clinical governance and clinical research. More recently he has participated and will seek to participate further in researching the social impacts of biometric technologies in an EU/UK context.

Aside from this research agenda in genomics a further area he is working on relates to his experience with research methodologies. Work on this area will include seeking ways to improve research methodology training within Cesagen for staff and students and exploring new ways of sharing research data and using research data in educational ways. His ultimate goal in relation to this is to seek ways in which divides between research and teaching can be bridged successfully and practically.