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Professor Brian Wynne

Cesagen Professor


01524 510839






FASS Building, County South


Brian Wynne was Principal Investigator on two Cesagen Phase 1 Flagship Projects: Plant Genomics; and Indigenous Peoples. His work throughout phase 2 has continued to explore issues of food security and public discourse.

His education includes MA (Natural Sciences, Cambridge 1968), PhD (Materials Science, Cambridge 1971), MPhil (Sociology of Science, Edinburgh 1977). His work has covered technology and risk assessment, public risk perceptions, and public understanding of science, focusing on the relations between expert and lay knowledge and policy decision-making. He was an Inaugural Member of the Management Board and Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency, (EEA), (1994-2000) and a Special Adviser to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee Inquiry into Science and Society, (March 2000). He is also a member of the London Royal Society's Committee on Science in Society.


Wynne, B. (2013) Global Science, Mexican Maize and Molecular Neoliberalism: shifting foundations of science, innovation and policy for sustainable food and agriculture, (to be published in Elena Alvarez-Buylla and Alma Pineyro, eds., El Maíz en Peligro: un Análisis Científico, Mexico City: Edicion Cesar Carillo).

Turnhout, E, Bloomfield. B, Hulme. M, Vogel. J, and Wynne. B, (2012), “Listen to the Voices of Experience: the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity Should Learn Lessons from the IPCC”, Nature, vol. 488, (23 August 2012), pp. 454-455. Commentary and subsequent Editorial.

Wynne, B. (2011) 'Managing and Communicating Scientific Uncertainty in Public Policy' Background paper for Harvard University Conference on: Biotechnology and Global Governance: Crisis and Opportunity.

Wynne, B. (2010) 'Daring to Imagine', Seminar: Knowledge in Question (New Delhi, India) 597(5): 25-32. www.india-seminar.com

Wynne, B. (2010) 'Strange Weather, Again: climate science as political art' in Theory Culture and Society. 27: 1-17.

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Wynne, B. (2007) 'Risky Delusions: Misunderstanding Science and Misperforming Publics in the GE Crops Issue' in Genetically Engineered Crops: Interim Policies, Uncertain Legislation. Taylor, I. E. P. (ed.), Philadelphia: Haworth Press

Wynne, B. and Felt, U. (2007) Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously, Chair and Rapporteur, Expert Group on Science and Governance, Brussels, European Commission D-G Research, Science Economy and Society Directorate. EUR 22700.

Kamara, M. and Coff, C. (with B. Wynne) (2006) "GMOs and Sustainability - Contested Visions, Routes and Drivers" (pdf) Final report prepared for the Danish Council of Ethics, Copenhagen, August 2006.

Kearnes, M., Macnaghten, P. and Wilsdon, J. (with Afterward by B. Wynne) (2006) 'Governing at the Nanoscale: People, Policies and Emerging Technologies', London, Demos. Copy pdf available at Demos website

Wynne, B. (2006) 'Public Engagement as a Means of Restoring Public Trust in Science - Hitting the Notes, but Missing the Music?' in Community Genetics, 9(3): 211-220. Pay per view online access at Karger website

Wynne, B. (2005) ‘Reflexing Complexity: Post-Genomic Knowledge and Reductionist Returns in Public Science’ in Theory Culture and Society. 22:5.

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Wynne, B., Wilsdon, J. and Stilgoe, J., (2005), The Public Value of Science, London, Demos. Copy pdf available at Demos website

Macnaghten, P., Kearnes, M. and Wynne, B. (2005) 'Nanotechnology, Governance and Public Deliberation: What Role for the Social Sciences?', Science Communication, 27: 2. Copy pdf available at Sage Journals online

Winickoff, D., Jasanoff, S., Busch, L., Grove-White, R. and Wynne, b. (2005) 'Adjudicating the GM Food Wars: Science, Risk and Democracy in World Trade Law' in The Yale Journal of International Law. 30(81). Copy available by subscription at The Yale Journal website

Research Interests

  • Technology and risk assessment
  • Public risk perceptions
  • Public understanding of science, focusing on the relations between expert and lay knowledge and policy decision-making.

Research tags

science and society   GM food   ethics   biodiversity