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Dr. Peter Glasner

Cesagen Professorial Research Fellow


029 2087 5094






6 Museum Place


Peter Glasner has undertaken research on current developments in post-genomics (particularly the rise of proteomics) and stem cell technologies in India and the UK. He has taught at a number of institutions in Britain, and was a foundation sociology lecturer at the Australian National University from 1971-1977. He has held visiting positions at the universities of Sussex, Bristol, and the West of England. He was a Morris Ginsberg Fellow at the London School of Economics in 1984, and an International Visiting Scholar at Griffith University, Queensland in 2009.

Peter Glasner’s longstanding interests are in the organisation and management of the new genetics, the development of innovative health technologies, and in public participation in techno-scientific decision-making. His research projects in this field have included the regulation of genetic engineering in Britain, the organization and management of the Human Genome Mapping Project, the public understanding of science, citizens’ juries, the development of proteomics, tissue engineering governance in Britain and Europe, embryonic stem cell research in India, and the UK Stem Cell Bank.

He has published twelve books, most recently (with Aditya Bharadwaj) Local Cells, Global Science: the Rise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in India and (co-edited with Paul Atkinson and Margaret Lock) Handbook of Genetics and Society: Mapping the New Genomic Era, both with Routledge in 2009. He is a founding editor of New Genetics and Society and Contemporary Social Science, and of the Routledge ‘Genetics and Society’ book series. He was President of the Association of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences (1992-5) and is an Academician (Fellow) of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.



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Selected Journal Articles:

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Book Chapters:

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