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Professor Phil Cooke

Cesagen Principal Investigator


+44(0) 29 2087 4944




Professor Cooke’s research interests lie in studies of Regional Innovation Systems, Competitiveness Analyses, and Policy Actions for Business Clusters and Networks. As University Professor in Regional Development he is a leader in research and scholarship in Regional Innovation Systems, having co-ordinated the EU FP4 TSER project on the subject 1996-8, co-edited a book entitled ‘Regional Innovation Systems’ in 1998, co-authored a book called 'The Associational Economy' on network governance at regional level in Europe, also published in 1998, and is co-author of 'The Governance of Innovation in Europe' published in January 2000. In 2002 he released a fast-selling ‘clusters’ book – ‘Knowledge Economies’, published worldwide by Routledge, in Australia by Macmillan. Prof. Cooke has been appointed UK government advisor in a number of fields. He was appointed a member of the UK's Technology Foresight panel on 'Integrated Transportation Logistics Chains’, which reported in September 1999. In 1999 he was appointed to Minister of Science Lord Sainsbury's Biotechnology Clusters Task Force and has investigated the industry in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and in the USA, Boston, and Seattle. Since 2000 he is a member of Lord Sainsbury’s high-level study group designing UK Cluster Policy. He is now a member of Lord Sainsbury’s ‘UK Innovation Review Panel’. He was Special Advisor to the House of Commons Select Committee on Welsh Affairs for their investigation of EU Structural Funds. Finally, as an expert in business clusters, Prof. Cooke has been a member of the UK Department of Trade and Industry's four-person Advisory Panel on Clusters and Regional Development, involving presenting to the UK Cabinet’s Competitiveness sub-committee chaired by Chancellor Gordon Brown. Prof. Cooke has also advised governments in various European countries (including Portugal’s Minister for Industry, Sweden’s VINNOVA innovation systems agency, the Welsh Development Agency, where he is economic adviser on ‘Knowledge Economy Clusters’, and the Northern Ireland Economic Council’s ‘Regional Innovation Strategy’), the USA and Australia In 2001 he was adviser to UNIDO and the EU on cluster policies; in 2002 he advised the OECD on ‘Reinventing Development Agencies for the Knowledge Economy’. He aims to bridge the research and policy fields at a time when research such as that published in the above-mentioned books as well as others such as: 'Localities' (1989); 'Back to the Future' (1990); 'Towards Global Localisation' (1992); 'The Rise of the Rustbelt' (1995); and contributing to the Irish government’s NESC report on 'Networking for Competitive Advantage' (1996) is becoming of leading importance in policy terms. In addition to these books, he is author of more than 100 research and scholarly articles in leading journals. He is also Editor of 'European Planning Studies' a bi-monthly journal devoted to European urban and regional governance, environmental and development issues.