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Dr. Adrian Mackenzie

Cesagen Reader


B.Sc (UNSW), BA (Syd) PhD (Syd)


01524 510848






FASS Building, County South


Dr Mackenzie focuses on 'BioIT convergences' across biological engineering, DNA synthesis and sequencing, clinical and research databases and visualization technologies. His current work is focused both on changes in the work, productivity and situation of life scientists, and on the transformations in technique, knowledge and products associated with bio-IT related developments. His wider interests includes the nature of promise, value, speculation and imagination in bioeconomies. He has published several books on theories and practices of technology in the sciences, popular culture and media: Transductions : bodies and machines at speed, London: Continuum, 2002/6; Cutting code: software and sociality . New York: Peter Lang, 2006, Wirelessness: Radical Empiricism in Network Cultures, MIT Press 2010, and edited Cinema and Technology, Palgrave 2008, as well as articles on media, science and culture. He is currently Co-Director of Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster Universtity.



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Edited books:

Bennett, Bruce, Marc Furstenau, and Adrian Mackenzie, (eds.). 2008. Cinema and Technology. London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Journal articles (2005 - ):

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Book Chapters (2005-):

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Research tags

emerging technology   bioeconomy