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Dr. Rebecca Ellis

Research Associate - Sociology




Ellis, R., Waterton, C. and Wynne, B. (2010) 'Taxonomy, Biodiversity and their Publics in 21st Century DNA Barcoding, Public Understanding of Science 18(7): 1-16.

Research Interests

My particular research interests are:

  • The (in)commensurability of scientific and other indigenous knowledge systems (concerning the environment and otherwise)
  • The relationship we are able to elicit between different 'ways of knowing' nature (eg. cognitive, systematic, affective, the aesthetic). Attention to both the shaping and the practice of these different 'ways of knowing' (tools, materialities, skills, social relationships, perceptions of expertise)
  • Civic epistemologies: the procuring of 'public' knowledge within a context of national-scale decision-making and policy with specific reference to natural history and biodiversity.
  • A sociology of systematic biology: traditional versus molecular taxonomy