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Dr. Fiona O'Neill

Research Associate




Fiona holds a BSc in Biological Sciences (London, 1982) and a MA in the sociology of science and technology: Society, Science and Nature (Lancaster, 1999). As an experienced teacher she has worked with nursery, primary and secondary children in state schools and as an outreach-education officer; PGCE (Bristol, 1984). In September 2005 she attended the Wellcome Trust Summer School in Neuroscience, Ethics and Society. Fiona is awaiting her PhD viva in May 2007 in human-biotechnology relations - Uncanny Belongings: Bioethics and the technologies of fashioning flesh.

Prior experience includes teaching in socially deprived and ethnically diverse schools in the North East of England and London; with responsibilities for special needs and child protection policy implementation, curricular maths and science. As outreach-education officer for the Zoological Society of London at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park she worked with children and adults, schools and universities, the public and the media. Here she delivered the City and Guilds animal management course with the veterinary staff. She has also worked in museum education. More recently Fiona has chaired and represented a local autism support group, and contributed to working parties for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) services, ASD research, and patient participation in the training of medical staff. She occasionally works as a freelance facilitator.


  • O'Neill F.K. May 2007b: The Raw and The Vital: Medical technologies and Aristotle’s psuchê, in Back to the Future of the Body D. Janes [ed.] Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • O'Neill F.K. January 2007a: Fashioning Flesh: Inclusion, exclusivity and the potential of genomics, in New Genetics, New Identities, P. Atkinson, P. Glasner & H. Greenslade [eds.], London, Routledge.
  • O'Neill F.K. presently online 2006a: What are the ‘what if’s’ for face transplantation? Genetics Society and Policy online 2:1 commentary,
  • O'Neill F.K. online December 2003 Bioethics today online 12.2006, latest article Face Transplantation: Is it should we, or how should we, proceed?
  • As well as several educational and non-academic publications and educational resources for the Zoological Society and others.
  • Research Interests

  • Human Enhancement and Perceptions of Risk- Making Humans Better: Now and in the future.
  • Project email: makinghumansbetter@lancaster.ac.uk
  • Trans-, post-, interdisciplinary approaches to bodied and embodied experiences of biotechnologies and their techniques.
  • Medical sociology and bioethics of innovative and convergent technologies.
  • Social, moral and political interests of future generations; and of the mentally different - discussions of the definition and invisibility of mental difference within disability debates.
  • Research ethics, especially for vulnerable participants and sensitive issues.