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Cesagen Director gives talk at Badminton Philosophy Conference 2013



Professor Chadwick discussed 'The truth about human genomics: prospects for therapies and enhancements.Can miracles disprove God's existence?'


On Tuesday 19th March, Badminton hosted its annual Philosophy Conference in the School Hall. Over 230 pupils from South West schools joined our Year 11 and Sixth Form for the day-long conference. Mr Michael Wilcockson, Head of Philosophy at Eton College, started the day with a lecture entitled ‘Is the God of the philosophers really God?’. Ms Sarah K. Tyler followed him with an interesting talk on ‘Situation Ethics: an ethical theory in its context’. After a short break, the second session of the morning saw Professor Ruth Chadwick, Distinguished Research Professor and Director at Cardiff University, discuss ‘The truth about human genomics: prospects for therapies and enhancements’. ‘Can miracles disprove God’s existence?’ was the next topic on the agenda, where Dr Mel Thompson really challenged the audience with his theories. After lunch, Dr Naomi Goulder explored ‘Freedom and Responsibility’ before Dr Nigel Warburton, Senior Lecturer at the Open University, wrapped up the day with his take on Utilitarianism. The conference was a great success and left everyone buzzing withnew thoughts on the topics covered.


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