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Joan Haran Article Featured in Western Mail



Research Fellow Joan Haran has article published in the Western Mail


Following on from her involvement in the Welsh Crucible, Joan Haran has had an article published in the Western Mail outlining her research regarding the ongoing interplay between "science fiction" and "science fact".

Dr. Haran's research is concerned with how claims about what science can and should do are made in different forms of communication, looking at news stories in the press and on television, at policy consultation documents, and the proceedings of parliamentary committees.

Dr. Haran also examines science fiction stories and novels, television dramas and popular cinema. In drawing out the different ways in which science and technology are represented in each of these genres, the aim is to demonstrate that the boundaries between “science fact” and “science fiction” can not be taken for granted and are reworked over time.

To read the full article, visit the Western Mail website here.


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