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Neil Stephens Appears on BBC and CNN



Dr Neil Stephens' work on in vitro meat is used in articles on BBC and CNN websites, exploring the future of food


Cesagen's Dr Neil Stephens has been interviewed by the BBC News Magazine and CNN regarding his . His research focuses upon the development of stem cell technology to tissue engineer meat for human consumption, and how it inherently challenges existing understandings of meat production.

Recently, there has been a growing media focus on the future of food. The BBC News Magazine article explores research on using insects, sonic-enhanced food and algae as potential food sources, as well as in vitro meat. The article quotes Dr Stephens as he makes the point that the concept of in vitro meat is difficult for people to take on board given that no other similar food source already exists:

"We simply don't have a category for this type of stuff in our world, we don't know what to make of it. It is radically different in terms of provenance and product."

The full article can be accessed on the BBC Website.

And CNN have also run a similar online article, based upon interviews with Dr Stephens and Prof Gabor Forgacs, one of the scientists leading the work. This article can be accessed on the CNN Website.

Dr Stephens will also be appearing at Edinburgh International Book Festival in a debate entitled "Rethinking Food: Can We Feed the World Without Resorting to GM?". Tickets for this appearance can be purchased from the Edinburgh Festival Website.


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