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Have any of you watched Gattaca?



Dr Richard Tutton answers this and other questions at the Euroscience Open Forum in Dublin


Dr Richard Tutton was an invited panellist at the Euroscience Open Forum in Dublin, 15 July in a session on ‘Personal Genomes and the Future of Medicine’ co-organized by the European Molecular Biology lab’s Science in Society Programme and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ).

Questions from the audience towards the end of the recording, draw out further views of the challenges of the application of these technologies in our society. For example:

  • How important is it for people to be thinking about the differences between genomic profiles of different ethnic groups?
  • Do these new technologies need new regulations
  • How close to these technologies bring us to the world of Gattaca?
  • Can the flood of information generated by these technologies be managed? - especially with the prospect of the sharing of this data, and the possibility of access to Direct-to-Consumer genomic profiling via the Internet?

Watch live streaming video from esof2012 at livestream.com