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Cesagen Research Highlights 2011 - 2012



New report summarising Cesagen's research highlights for the last year is published.


From Cesagen Director Professor Ruth Chadwick's Introduction

Cesagen has continued to build on its successes in 2011-12 and to develop its research and outreach profile. Researchers Rebecca Dimond and Chris Groves began work on new projects on mitochondrial genomics and personal genomics respectively. Richard Watermeyer, previously at the Wales Beacon for Public Engagement, was appointed Cesagen Fellow in Impact and Engagement in Science and Technology. Simon Read was appointed to a new position focusing on dissemination and new media. At an international level Cesagen welcomed visitors from Australia, Brazil, China, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand. Our 52 conference presentations this year included a Working Summit at the Human Genome Meeting in Sydney, 2012. In Europe, Cesagen participated in the successful LISTEN (Life Sciences, Innovation and Society Network) bid to the European Science Foundation for a series of conferences on sustainability, science and technology.In 2011-12 Cesagen published 5 books, 30 refereed journal papers and 16 book chapters. We edit or co-edit 3 journals, Bioethics; Genomics, Society and Policy; and New Genetics and Society.

Research Highlights 2011 - 2012 [PDF 2.44MB]