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Reconfiguring Interdisciplinary Research: Cesagen Session at EGN Conference



Interactive multimedia research exhibits will showcase Cesagen research at the EGN Conference, 24 April.


Conference delegates attending this session are invited to explore featured projects using the interactive multimedia exhibits and through conversation with the Cesagen researchers involved:

In-vitro meat (Neil Stephens): explore the possibilities offered by in-vitro meat development and discuss its potential to lower the ecological toll of global meat production, issues of animal welfare and global food poverty. Research Desktop and the Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing Patent Index (ABSPAT) (Oscar Forero and Stephen Hall): explore online research resources developed by Cesagen researchers as part of a broader dedication to creating accessible digital methods and tool for researchers, policy-makers and civil society.

Technolife (Kristrun Gunnarsdottir): explore online resources developed for the deliberation of ethical issues related to: biometrics and mobility, digital globes and environmental conflict, and converging technologies and the future of the human body.

SciScreen (Jamie Lewis): this cross-disciplinary programme presents special showings of new release films to public audiences, and uses local academic expertise to discuss contemporary developments in science in an understandable and entertaining way, Translation: Bench to Brain (Jamie Lewis, Julia Thomas): this exhibition, held in Cardiff as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2011 examines issues of mental health and science, and how the two interrelate with society. Take part in the ongoing creation of artwork as part of an exhibit called "Big Science II" and experiment with the interactive "Disturbing the Blueprint" exhibit.Young People's Exploration of the $1000 Genome (Jane Miller, Flo Ticehurst and Julia Thomas): find out about this public engagement project, which explored social and ethical issues surrounding the $1000 Genome with young people who worked with artist Julia Thomas to produce artwork exploring these issues.