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Dr Win Tadd's Letter to The Telegraph Published



Cesagen's Dr Tadd and colleagues issue a letter to The Telegraph on the treatment of older people in healthcare settings


Following on from the recent and research studies carried out within Cesagen, Dr Tadd was recently invited to attend a Leeds Castle Summit on the care of older people in hospitals and broader care settings. As a result of this, Dr Tadd and the other attendees have written and had published a letter in The Telegraph. This outlines five recommendations to the government:

  • The Government should set the framework but make hospital leaders responsible for ensuring standards of care are met
  • Within the NHS, ward leaders should be identified to take responsibility for standards of care and given the authority to put patient care first
  • Hospital boards must make meeting the needs of frail older people their organisations’ main priority
  • Professional bodies should mount a concerted campaign to raise the status of caring for older people through education and training
  • Everyone must take responsibility for changing social attitudes towards ageing

The full extract of the letter can be found on the Telegraph website.