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Joan Haran goes All Over Creation



Cesagen's Dr. Joan Haran embarks on research visit to the US


Dr. Joan Haran is currently developing a monograph provisionally entitled Genetic Fictions: Genes, Gender and Genre. As part of this process, she has just embarked on a research visit to the US, which will take in several campuses of the University of California as well as the University of Oregon.

Joan will be hosting a 'Science and Justice' event at UCSC, which will include readings by Ruth Ozeki from her novel All Over Creation, one of the genetic fictions about which Joan is writing, and conversations with a number of academics from UCSC. Julie Guthman, Steve Gliessman and Nancy Chen will participate in a roundtable offering responses to the novel's contributions to conversations about food, environment, humans/non humans and ethnic identity.

She will also be visiting the Eaton Collection, hosted at the University of California Riverside, which is the largest publicly-accessible collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror and utopian literature in the world.

At the University of Oregon she will be responding to an invitation to present her work to the Center for Women in Society. She will also be participating in Professor Michael Hames-García's class on Race, Gender and Science Fiction. Students will be discussing Melissa Scott's novel, Shadow Man, and Joan's critical essay , “Destabilising Sex/Gender/Sexuality in Melissa Scott’s Shadow Man".

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