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Richard Twine Speaks at North Lancashire Green Party Public Meeting



Cesagen's Richard Twine delivers a presentation to North Lancashire Green Party on 'Why are there not more vegans?'


Dr Richard Twine of Cesagen addressed a well attended (50+ people) public meeting organised by the North Lancashire Green Party around the issue of Green/Ethical Diets at the Friends Meeting House, Lancaster, on Tuesday 13th March 2012. His talk entitled ‘Why are there not more vegans?’ explored debates and research around the impact of global meat/dairy production on greenhouse gas emissions, different ways of thinking about animal ethics and various social barriers to people reducing or eliminating animal products from their diet. For example he highlighted that meat/dairy consumption remain a rather entrenched social norm in spite of their high levels of consumption being a relatively recent occurrence. Lack of know how around how to cook without animal products as well as norms around viewing food as an apolitical personal and private choice were also highlighted as potential constraints upon transitions to more sustainable diets.

Mike Berners-Lee of Small World Consulting also spoke about the carbon footprints of different foods and work conducted with the Booths supermarket chain in relation to their carbon footprint. The most carbon intensive foods were meat (including fish) and dairy products. Both speakers spoke for approximately 30 minutes and there then followed a lively discussion period. After this, free vegan cake was served and informal discussions continued. The event was also in a part a means to highlight the forthcoming West Lancashire Vegan Fair taking place in Lancaster on May 12th at the same venue.

For more details on the meeting, visit the North Lancashire Green Party website.