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Cesagen Featured in Cardiff News



Cesagen's Ruth Chadwick and Adam Hedgecoe offer comment for an article on the future of genetics


Cardiff University's monthly newsletter for February 2012 featured the contributions of Professors Chadwick and Hedgecoe in an article entitled 'Genetic Destiny'. The piece explores the potential future uses of genetics, and potential conflicts of interest with the business world.

Professor Chadwick stated: "By 2053, it's safe to assume we will routinely have access to the information in our own genome. this will involve the management of huge amounts of data and big issues around privacy for society. I think there are two directions we can go. We can come up with increasingly complex technical solutions to protect all this data. Alternatively, we can re-think our attitudes to privacy and accept some change in what people are prepared to think and say about themselves"

The article also explores the growth of internet based 'genetic package' firms and the difficulty in policing them, as well as the potential implications of genetic science in areas beyond medicine.

The full newsletter can be found online here.