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Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics Published



Cesagen Director Ruth Chadwick has second edition of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics published


Professor Ruth Chadwick has recently completed her work as Editor-in-Chief on the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics. The award-winning 1998 first edition has been expanded to incorporate topics on issues that were not, or have only just come to be on the horizon. The work comes in four volumes and includes approximately 400 articles on ethical and philosophical approaches, historical and contemporary, religious and secular.

With an esteemed editorial board also working on the text, it is written not only by practitioners in the field; but by adademics from disciplines such as law and economics. The encyclopaedia will appeal to university, research and special libraries, as well as teachers, students, policy-makers and the interested general public.

The Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics is available through Elsevier and more detail can be found online at their website.


Edinburgh International Book Festival