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Keynote Session at Global Biobanking Conference



Cesagen Director Ruth Chadwick to host Global Biobanking keynote session following successful global webinar


Following her involvement in the successful Biobanking Challenges under the Microscope: Ethics and Harmonisation webinar (now available), Cesagen Director, Ruth Chadwick, has been invited to host a keynote session. The event will form part of the IQPC 4th Annual Global Biobanking Forum, scheduled for the 27-29 September 2011, with this particular session taking place on the 28 September. The session, titled 'Successfully Navigating the Bioethical Complexities and Constraints of Sample Collection and Management', will examine the following topics:

  • Looking at the bigger picture: a global, social lack of data privacy
  • Assessing how this wider attitude impacts the biobanking world
  • Evaluating the regulatory constraints and gaps for biospecimen data privacy
  • Discussing the effect new technology has had on bioethics, and what this means for biobanking

More information on the Global Biobanking Forum can be found on the event's website.


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