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CaTalyST Funding Secured



Ruth McNally to lead work package in £1.9m funded project


From October 2011, Cesagen’s Ruth McNally will lead a ‘PROTEE’ work package in ‘CaTalyST’, a £1.9m 3-year project on Citizens Transforming Society (Tools for Change). PROTEE is a novel ‘tool’ for reflexive and critical project management. Ruth is currently using PROTEE with ProteomeXchange, an EU data-sharing consortium in which Cesagen is a stakeholder.

Funded by the EPSRC, CaTalyST is an experiment in radical multidisciplinary research, involving Cesagen with five other departments and research centres across Lancaster University, plus participants from UK community initiatives. CaTalyST’s aims are two-fold. One is to develop new technologies to support community-driven social innovations through 6-9 month intensive multidisciplinary ‘Research sprints’. The second aim is not only to critically evaluate the role and limitations of such technologies, but also reflexively engage with and analyse the dynamics of the multidisciplinary research process itself. It is in meeting this second aim, which is in tension with the first, that the PROTEE work package will play a critical role.


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