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Ruth Chadwick to Speak at Global Biobanking Ethics Webinar



Cesagen Director Ruth Chadwick has been invited to partake in a global biobanking ethics webinar alongside Nik Zeps and Bartha Knoppers


On 19 August, Ruth Chadwick will take part in a webinar entitled Global Biobanking - Ethics Trends and Developments. Also involved in the panel debate will be Nik Zeps and Bartha Knoppers, both key experts in the field of bioethics. Organised by the International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) the webinar will be hosted on the website media centre of the upcoming Global Biobanking 2011 conference. In addition, the discussion will be rolled out globally via Pharma IQ, an online network and content resource designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma IQ was designed by IQPC to serve the global pharma and biotech community with complimentary access to an exclusive library of multimedia presentations, interviews and articles from leading figures across the world. For more details on the Global Biobanking 2011 conference, please follow the links below:

Global Biobanking 2011 Conference

Pharma IQ