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Dignity in Practice NHS Report Published



Dr Tadd and colleagues issue a report investigating older people's dignity in acute NHS Trusts


Cesagen’s Win Tadd and Alexandra Hillman have (with colleagues) recently published a report following on from a two and a half-year project researching acute NHS Trusts. The study was commissioned and funded by the National Institute of Health Research Service Delivery Organisation and managed by the Department of Health and Comic Relief under the PANICOA (Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the Institutional Care of Older Adults). It involved ascertaining the views of older people following discharge, their family members/carers, senior trust managers and ward staff, as well as observation of care delivery. From this, the project found that although the individuals working in the NHS are motivated to represent patients’ interests, these motivations are frequently compromised by system and organisational factors. Acute Trust priorities such as measurable performance indicators; a culture of blame; the management of ‘secondary risks’; high bed occupancy rates, together with increased specialisation and rationalisation - can all impact on the care of older people. Local ward cultures have developed in the context of untenable staffing levels resulting in a lack of continuity of care and care which sometimes fails to protect and promote the individual’s dignity. The full report and executive summary can be downloaded from the SDO-NIHR website as well as the