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Bioethics Journal Ranked Highly in ESF Survey



Cesagen Director Ruth Chadwick's work on Bioethics recognised in ESF survey


Cesagen Director Ruth Chadwick's co-editorshop of the Bioethics journal with Queen's University's Professor Udo Schuklenk has been recognised in a recent European Science Foundation (ESF) Survey where it was given the highest ranking available to philosophy journals. ESF, a network of over 70 research and funding organizations, ranked the journals based on citation of articles and reputation among senior academics in the field.

Bioethics continues to experience growth in submissions and electronic article downloads. The journal’s success, according to Dr. Schuklenk, reflects the maturity of bioethics as an academic discipline. Planned future developments and creative enterprises involve the incorporation of social media and tablet computer applications so as to assure a broader reach for the journal.

The Bioethics journal can be found online here and a news piece on Professor Shuklenk can be found here


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