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Richard Twine Wins Academic Book Award



Cesagen's Richard Twine wins prize from ICAS


Cesagen’s Richard Twine has recently won the 2011 Academic Book of the Year Award from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies. Richard’s book entitled “Animals as Biotechnology: Ethics, Sustainability and Critical Animal Studies” fought off stiff competition to be given the award during the 10th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies at Brock University. “Animals as Biotechnology” examined the emergence of two contradictory trends within our approach to nonhuman animals: the biotechnological turn in animal sciences, which aims to increase the efficiency and profitability of meat and dairy production; and the emerging field of critical animal studies – mostly in the humanities and social sciences – which works to question the nature of our relations with other animals. For more information visit: www.criticalanimalstudies.org


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