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A full hand of new books



The ESRC Genomics Network Genetics and Society Book Series - Five exciting new titles for 2011.


The provides an outlet for outstanding scholarship in the multiple fields of genetics and genomics social sciences research. Over the course of 2011 the series will be publishing five exciting new titles.Barcoding Nature - Waterton, Ellis and Wynne. Documenting new configurations between the knowledge cultures and practices of the taxonomic, biodiversity and computing sciences in relation to genomics.Biomedicine is one of the primary areas covered by the Series, and the other new titles for 2011 reflect the increasing diversity of social science approaches to genetics and related biosciences.Making of a Syndrome - Featherstone and Atkinson. Provides a rich exploration of the processes by which Rett Syndrome has been reconfigured as a genetic disease.Genetic Testing - Arribas-Allyon, Sarangi and Clarke. Draws out the complex interplay between the discourses of autonomy, responsibility and blame within a range of settings from clinic, to internet, to media. Gender and Genetics - Reed. Offers a unique analysis of the role of men and the gendered nature of prenatal genetic screening. Scientific, Clinical and Commercial Development of the Stem Cell - Kraft. Looks at the past, present and future of the stem cell and its iconic role in the formation of biomedicine.


Genetics and Society Book Series