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Dr Sarah Darwin's Public Lecture in Cardiff



In Darwin's Wake - Cesagen's public lecture, 29th November.


Ahead of Cesagen's public lecture, Dr Sarah Darwin was interviewed on BBC Radio Wales about the project she spoke about at the lecture "", held at the National Museum Cardiff.

This recreation of Charles Darwin's famous voyage of the Beagle took Sarah, her children and the project team on a 10 month journey to some of the places visited by Darwin on that first voyage and provided a unique opportunity for reflection on humans changing relationship with nature since Charles Darwin's time. This is what Sarah spoke so eloquently about at the lecture. She summed up her thoughts saying "What matters to us and to biodiversity is that people engage with nature...what Darwin teaches us is that a life worth celebrating should allow us to learn how to live".

The lecture was followed by a reception and the chance to explore artwork exhibited by (Co-Director of Egenis, University of Exeter). A school teacher attending the lecture said "the exhibits and accompanying art were most interesting, and the commentaries of others of the team who described the exhibits as we walked around afterwards was generous and added a lot to our experience."


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