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Cesagen Director speaks on Estonia TV during International Bioethics Conference



Professor Ruth Chadwick was interviewed for Estonia TV while at an International Bioethics Conference, in Tartu last week.


Cesagen Director, Professor Ruth Chadwick delivered a speech at the International Bioethics conference "From informed consent to no consent? The challenges of new ethical framework" last week. The conference aimed to scrutinise the ethical debates that have grown out of the new genomics over the past decade and offer an assessment of the so-called communitarian turn in medical ethics that it has been suggested would solve some of the dilemmas introduced by new technologies.

She was also interviewed by Estonia TV, speaking about the challenges to privacy and data protection at a time when more and more data about ourselves is being collected and shared for all sorts of purposes - both health and security, which involves collecting genetic and or biometric data of individuals.

Clip of Ruth Chadwick's interview (in English with Estonian text)


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