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Prestigious Academic Prize for Cesagen Associate Director



Professor Brian Wynne, Associate Director of Cesagen, Lancaster University, has been awarded the prestigious J D Bernal Prize for his distinguished contribution to the social studies of science.


The Bernal Prize is the highest honour given by the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), and is awarded annually. Previous recipients have included Donna Haraway, JosephNeedham, Sheila Jasanoff and Thomas Kuhn. On learning that he would be receiving the award, Professor Wynne said: “It is humbling to realise the stellar company in which this award places me. The insights which the field nurtured by 4S has struggled to develop and communicate over the last forty years are central to a much larger work which needs to be done. This is to imbue the new global relations between East and West, North and South, global and local, and the anxious instrumental frenzy of innovation which this fuels, with a genuinely cosmopolitan, adventurous, grounded humility in the knowledge which we claim gives us license. The only proper response to this award is now to begin to try to earn it.”