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Call for Conference Abstracts: Is Medical Ethics Really in the Best Interest of the Patient?



Open call for abstracts for the upcoming conference in June 2010.


We are pleased to announce an open call for abstracts for the upcoming conference:

"Is Medical Ethics Really in the Best Interest of the Patient?" 14-16 June 2010. Organised by the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University and Cesagen, this multi-disciplinary international conference will raise questions about some of the key ethical issues of concern regarding medical research. The possibility to increase knowledge about diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease is the primary motive of medical research. Ethics is there in order to protect patients and promote their interests. But is medical ethics instrumental to this end?

The conference discusses three themes:

  1. Should ideology be allowed to trump patient well-being?
  2. What is the role of informed consent in medical research?
  3. Ethical review boards: are they important ethical safeguards or over-burdensome and unnecessary bureaucracy?

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