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Plant Breeding and Intellectual Property

Workshop   03.06.2008






Speakers include Mike Adcock (University of Durham), Bernard Le Buanec (International Seed Federation), Steve Hughes (Egenis) and Wayne Powell (NIAB).

Organised by

Emma Frow (Research Fellow, ESRC Genomics Forum) and Wayne Powell (Director and CEO, National Institute of Agricultural Botany)


Boardroom, ESRC Genomics Forum, University of Edinburgh

Event details

Innovation in plant breeding and access to plant genetic diversity are increasingly being identified as a desirable (and some would suggest necessary) way to help meet global challenges of climate change, sustainable agriculture, food security and fuel production. Have intellectual property protection (IPP) regimes kept pace with technological, conceptual and contextual changes relating to plant breeding? The science and technology available to plant breeders have evolved considerably since the establishment of UPOV in the 1960s. Trends in public and private investment into plant breeding have also changed over this time. How does IPP fit with current institutional structures and practical approaches to innovation in plant breeding in the UK?

In short, does the current European Intellectual Property Protection regime for plants stimulate or impede investment and innovation? What changes in IPP might promote innovation in plant breeding consistent with long-term socioeconomic and environmental goals?

PDF copies of the workshop presentations are available to download here:

Wayne Powell -- Advances in the Science & Technology of Plant BreedingSteve Hughes -- Innovation in Plant BreedingMike Adcock -- Developments in European Plant Intellectual Property

Bernard Le Buanec -- Protection of Plant-Related Innovations: Concerns and Current Debates

Also available to download is a short workshop report on Plant Breeding and Intellectual Property

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