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'Criminal Genes' and Public Policy

Workshop   17.09.2007






  • Professor Jim Stevenson (School of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, University of Southampton): "Criminality: risk genes and early behavioural indicators"
  • Dr Barbara Prainsack (Centre for Biomedicine and Society, King's College London): "DNA profiling and criminal tactics: A view from prison"
  • Jon Shute (Centre for Criminology and Socio-legal Studies, University of Manchester): "Explaining and preventing crime using genetic information: A view from criminology"
  • Dr Mairi Levitt and Elisa Pieri (CESAGen, Lancaster University): 'Criminal Genes' and Public Policy: a practitioners’ perspective.
  • Organised by

    Elisa Pieri


    Central London

    Event details

    The workshop will be attended by an invited audience of around 20 people. There will be presentations from speakers working in related areas, a summary of our project findings and then a discussion.

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